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Functional organization

Asamblea General (General Assembly)

It is the highest organ of expression of will of all the collegiates who are resident in Catalonia. Therefore, all of them and the Association’s governing bodies are required to comply with the resolutions adopted by the Assembly. The General Assembly is constituted by collegiates and chaired by the Dean, accompanied by other members of the Governing Board.

Junta de Gobierno (Board Governing)

This is the organ that manages, directs and guides the actions of the Association throughout the territory of Catalonia. The Board Governing is constituted of the Dean, Sub-Deans (with a maximum of three), Secretary, Treasurer and four Provincial Delegates.

On March 14th, 2013, took up their positions and formed the new Board of the Col·legi d'Enginyers Tècnics d'Obres Públiques de Catalunya, that will govern and preside the Association for the next four years and consists of the following members:

Dean- Mr. Xavier Font Mach 
1st Sub-Dean- Ramon Campanera Alcázar
2nd Sub-Dean- Gerard Estanyol Guerrero
Treasurer- Juan Carlos Forcen Isla
Secretary- Teresa M. Cano Rodríguez
Delegate of Barcelona- Félix Belmar López
Delegate of Tarragona- Juan Manuel Sánchez Ramírez
Delegate of Lleida- Jordi Domingo Masanés
Delegate of Girona- Marc Cucurella Vilà
Treasurer suplent- Enrique del Rey Román
Deputy Secretary- Raiza Botini Guevara


Working Committees

The Junta de Govern has created different committes to carry out specific and support tasks to the board governing in every field of  their member's activities. For more information, see section "Working Committes".