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Attributions and Activity Fields

In accordance with the valid legislation, below we enumerate, of form no exhaustive, the types of work that confer the professional attributions of the "Ingenieros Técnicos de Obras Públicas".

  • Signature and document drafting  off:
    • Memories valued
    • Informative and previous studies
    • Preliminary design.
    • Projects.
  • Direction, planning, coordination, management, production and inspection of works, installations and activities
  • Realisation of:
    • Measurements, calculations, assessments and valuations. 
    • Expert report, arbitration, reports, legal decision and certifications.
    • Topography survey.
    • Expropriations and demarcations.
    • Control of quality.
    • Other analogous works.
  • Exercise of the teaching in his diverse degrees.
  • Direction, planning and management of:
    • The exploitation, the maintenance and the conservation of works, industries, installations and services.
    • Hydraulic resources.

Activity Fields